Heydouga 4044-PPV1177 Naoko Night 24 a debt woman again
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Heydouga 4044-PPV1177 Naoko Night 24 a debt woman again


Naoko who has previously appeared in "repayment plan". Even after that debt continued to swell and seems to work at SM club etc. It seems that customers did not enter at this time, and it seems that it seems to be troubled by paying interest. Beginning with a cynch sweep, I spill a lot on the floor with drinking urine and let me clean the floor with the mouth. Punishment is hitting a hundreds with a stab of futon tapping, the buttocks swollen and the inside is bleeding inside black ... It is miserable ... Subsequently, a forced drinking urine is attached to the back handcuffs and drinking urine! This looks too painful. Enema is an unusual enema, inflating the balloon with an anus so as not to come out, and pouring the enema liquid vigorously with pneumatic pressure. After inserting 17 super balls into the anus, the anal is plugged with a balloon type anal plug, and a blowjob while enduring suffering. Super ball injection in the bathroom! A large amount of unco juice makes the bathroom dirty. In the subsequent anal extension, six thin stick-shaped objects are inserted. After inserting a cock in anal spreading, subsequently with a limb restrained anal with a piston machine Automatic piston automatic piston, pussy also automatic piston. After making an inside plug with an anal plug and pull out the anal plug, semen pops out and it is made to clean the cock, and a finger of a foot is thrust into the anal. Naoko who feels used for experiments with various tools, seems to have a debt outstanding of 3.8 million yen

以前に「返済計画」で出演している直子。 その後も借金は膨らみ続け、SMクラブ等で働いているようだが この時は客が入らず、利息の支払いに困り出演する事になったようだ。 チンカス掃除から始まり、飲尿で大量に床にこぼしてしまい口で床掃除をさせられる。 お仕置きは、布団叩きの棒で百叩き、尻は腫れ上がり黒く内出血している悲惨だ… 続いて、後ろ手錠に強制飲尿器を装着され飲尿!これも苦しそうだ。 浣腸は変わった浣腸器で、抜けないように肛門でバルーンを膨らませ、空圧で 浣腸液を勢い良く流し込むものだ。 更に肛門にスーパーボールを17個挿入した後、バルーン式アナルプラグで肛門に 栓をされ、苦しみに耐えながらフェラチオ。 浴室でスーパーボール噴射!大量のウンコ汁が浴室を汚してゆく。 続くアナル拡張では細いスティック状の物を6本挿入。 拡がったところでアナルにチンポを挿入、続いて手足を拘束された状態で ピストンマシンでアナルをズボズボ自動ピストン、マンコも自動ピストン。 アナルプラグをして本番中出し、アナルプラグを抜くとザーメンがこぼれ出し チンポ掃除をさせられた後、肛門に足の指を突っ込まれたりする。 色々な道具の実験に使用された感じの直子さん、借金残高380万円らしい