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  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
Server 8

Heydouga 4039-PPV1061 Miyuki HeyDouga Pay Per View

Man has a variety of sexual habits, I love to be caught, Miyuki who occasionally restrains his limbs and masturbates himself. Sit on a chair, restrain himself / herself himself and hit an electric shirt into his groin in a state where he can not move. "Masturbate freely, but it is not good to pass away." Start directing masturbation at the direction of the director. It is likely to die many times. He begs many times as "Do you miss it?", But rules are rules. Absolutely you will not miss. Although it seems to have a culmination many times, suddenly an electric socket is pulled out. Although it is not easy to pass, "Please do not stop". After that, it is not good to stop masturbating until saying good. I will pass away again and again while reporting "I will pass away ..." this time.