H0930 ki170212 Junko Tsukuba
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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H0930 ki170212 Junko Tsukuba

【Until 2/16】 Please see the platinum pieces carefully selected from married wife. Junko says that he is sexless with his husband over the past three years. It seems to be quiet looking woman, but will gradually explode the desire that gathered accumulated. Simply being touched a bit, there is a spot on the panty ... ... a cock is put in a pussy that has become a guchoggucho, and a cheek pant voice does not stop!

【2/16まで】人妻斬りから厳選したプラチナ作品を御覧ください。 ここ3年は旦那とセックスレスだと言う純子さん。見た目はおとなしそうな奥様ですが、次第に溜まりまくった欲求を爆発させていきます。ちょっと触られただけですぐにパンティにはシミが…グチョグチョになったマンコにチンポを入れられ喘ぎ声は止まりません!