Gachi1127 MAYUKO Slim & Tight 5
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Gachi1127 MAYUKO Slim & Tight 5

"Gachi girl!" Appeared in a rare denim figure was "Mayuko Chan". Denim looks good on a natural leg naturally long, but it can be said that herself appeals after knowing its charm. She is such a girl, but to take advantage of the slim style I will change to a sexy Tight Mini and a metamorphosed stocking this time because it is limited to do more erotic clothes. Start taking pictures anything. Enjoying the long legs fully Enjoy the leg fetish delight. Sensitivity is outstanding if toys are used, and in blowjob it will show us the leveling skill that does not match her atmosphere. Then change to clothes which is the main theme of this time. Miniskirt with half of the buttocks, tight knit with full body line knockdown is suited to accelerate the degree of fetish again. When you follow the slurry and extended legs and zoom to the butt, back style that you do not know how it goes. From there I thrust a vibe, poking hard from behind, I will steadily heat up. Finish with plenty of vaginal cum shot. I cooked it in the "Gokin girl!" Flow, as it is, with the organic texture of "Mayuko Chan" intact. Please appreciate it.